Case of Split Crest Maxilar and implant insertion with FIRST, the very first instrument of the Magnetic Mallet!

March 17, 2022by Osseotouch0

Osseotouch is pleased to present a case of Maxillary Split Crest and subsequent implant insertion carried out by Dr. Fernando Gómez-Ferrer, Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, Graduated in Dentistry and Specialist in Implantology, Surgery and Oral Rehabilitation, great professional in healing of the dental health of patients.

Caso di Split Crest Maxilar e inserimento impianti con FIRST - Dr. Fernando Gómez - Ferrer

The case is performed with FIRST, the first tool of the Magnetic Mallet, which facilitates site preparation, making it completely drill-free. In this clinical case, Dr. Fernando Gómez-Ferrer, following the loss of a patient’s posterior abutment of a bridge and the decision not to undergo long and painful surgeries, opted for a preparation of the implant site and subsequent implant insertion with the use of FIRST.

Following the cutting of the bridge, the anterior abutment component was fixed by endodontics and post reconstruction, and the bridge was joined to the component to prevent it from returning edentulous to that area during the insertion of the implants.

After having made a hole in the position of maximum intercuspidation and in the center of occlusion of the tooth (the implant fixation point) the flap is opened, and with FIRST, the Magnetic Mallet instrument, the angle is followed and the desired depth is reached using low power to maintain the angle and distance between implants.

Implants are inserted at low speed and maintaining the best possible angle. Before suturing, the periosteum is cut to the bottom of the vestibule to obtain a better suture without mucous tension. In the control radiographs it can be seen that the solution obtained is identical to the project that was prepared.

The Magnetic Mallet’s FIRST instrument is able to find easy angulation in implant placement, providing the correct path from the first impulse without bone removal. In this case the implants are inserted at low speed and maintaining the best possible angle.

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Curriculum Vitae - Dr. Fernando Gómez-Ferrer

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor of Dentistry and Specialist in Implantology, Surgery and Oral Rehabilitation, Dr. Fernando Gómez-Ferrer is a great professional in caring for the dental health of patients.

In 1991 he began his work at the Gómez-Ferrer Dental Clinic located in the center of Valencia and since then he has maintained the care and attention of patients at the head of a highly qualified professional team that guarantees the treatments performed and maintains its evolution over time.

His training as a Specialist in Implantology is similar to the development of this surgical specialty from almost its beginnings. Every year he attends courses on technological innovation and manual skills both in Spain and in various countries in Europe and the United States. He considers that the quality of the materials and techniques used is essential to achieve good results and offer greater guarantees to patients.

Currently, he also collaborates as:
- Teacher at CICORD (Implantology and Oral Surgery Courses in the Dominican Republic).
- Member of the SEI (Spanish Society of Implants).
- Member of the SOCE (Spanish Society of Digital Dentistry and New Technologies).

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