Guided Surgery with Magneto Dynamic Technology: A Case Study

May 15, 2024by Osseotouch0

In our latest blog post, explore an illuminating case study on guided surgery performed with magneto dynamic technology, presented by Dr. Andrea De Maria. Using 1:100,000 articaine, Dr. De Maria addressed a coronal fracture of the upper left incisor, utilizing dedicated inserts from the Magnetic Mallet and an Osseotouch Conex-k 3.75*11.5mm implant. This study demonstrates the effectiveness of magneto dynamic technology in implant surgery, offering precise and conservative solutions.

The Case:

A female patient, ASA 1, presented to the clinic with a coronal fracture of the upper left incisor, previously treated with endodontic therapy and reconstruction with a fused metal post due to secondary caries.

In the video, Dr. De Maria meticulously guides us through each step of the procedure: from the administration of 1:100,000 articaine, to the sectioning of ligament fibers, and the extraction using dedicated inserts from the Magnetic Mallet.

Planning and Implant Placement:

Following the extraction, Dr. De Maria outlines the prosthetic plan, which involves placing an Osseotouch Conex-k 3.75*11.5mm implant and delivering a provisional crown for immediate loading.

The surgical phase includes creating the implant tunnel using inserts from the Dynamic Guided surgery kit, ensuring precision and preservation in the positioning of the implant fixture.

Soft Tissue Augmentation and Finalization:

Dr. De Maria also demonstrates soft tissue augmentation and the delivery of the provisional crown to guide tissue healing.

A Successful Outcome:

This case study showcases the effectiveness of guided surgery with magneto dynamic technology, providing precise and conservative solutions for dental implant procedures.

We extend our gratitude to Dr. De Maria for sharing this exemplary case and highlighting the use of our Osseotouch implants, Magnetic Mallet, and Dynamic Guided surgery kit.

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