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A team of professionals oriented to the constant search for innovative technological solutions to revolutionize and simplify oral surgery. Our mission is to amplify the ease of interventions with completely new comfort for the operator and for the patient thanks to our dynamic magnet patent.
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22 - 25 September, 2021

Osseotouch @IDS
International Dental Show

Wth the Bone Shaping Implantology.

Sound interesting? Come and visit us! Hall 10.1 Stand B47
Edu & Events


4-5-6 February, 2024


Prof. Dr. Angelo Cardarelli
Dubai, UAE

Event with Prof. Angelo Cardarelli in Dubai: Focus on Sinus Lift, Split Crest, Bone Graft, and Khoury Technique. On February 6th, during the practical session, Prof. Cardarelli will use the Magnetic Mallet in an advanced demonstration of sinus lift on an animal model. A unique opportunity to learn cutting-edge techniques from an internationally renowned specialist in an interactive environment.
30-31.03 / 01.04, 2023


Bucharest, Romanian National Museum of Art
Dr. Michele Melillo

During the first East European Sweden & Martina International Symposium you will deepen the Magneto Dynamic with Dr. Michele Melillo.

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Edu & Events


A new solution for pterygoid implantology
  • Osseotouch is expanding into the world of oral surgery with PT-1, the first Osseotouch implant that comes from the desire to apply the Magnetic Dynamic features in a surgery that makes preparation in the pterygoid site easier.
The new instrument to be used with the Magnetic Mallet
  • With FIRST you can work on the cortical bone in a less invasive and more practical way. Thanks to the geometry of FIRST’s working-end, it is possible to get the right direction from the first impulse without resorting to rotating instruments, removing bone tissue and needing irrigation to avoid their overheating.
Safe, precise and controlled ridge expansion
  • The GENOA set by Osseotouch allows you to perform the first procedures on the thinnest crests with a completely new tip. Designed and manufactured with sharp and performing tips, the instruments included in the GENOA set will enable you to perform the horizontal expansion without any bone tissue removal while using a single device.
Sinus lift
with Magnetic Mallet
  • The following animation shows how the Magnetic Mallet facilitates crestal sinus lift procedures.
with Easyroot
  • The following animation shows the advantages of Magnetic Dynamic extraction with the use of Easyroot, the new standard for extractions. Easyroot allows you to achieve immediate results through the use of a technology that concentrates strength, precision and control in a simple way.
Edu & Events

The Webinars

Dr. Baldi
Magnetic Mallet Webinar
  • A beautiful webinar by Dr. Baldi on the advantages and additional possibilities of using the Magnetic Mallet.

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