Magnetic Dynamic Technology

The unique combination of power and control makes previously difficult procedures routine. This patented technology is rapidly gaining world-wide popularity.
The technology

What is Magnetic Dynamics?

Magnetic Dynamic Technology is based on the concept of acceleration, minimizing impact time while maximizing the force of the pulse thereby increasing effectiveness.  Only magnetic technology can deliver these force and acceleration parameters. Total Control and consistent force is essential in providing the operator with safety and repeatability for oral surgery procedures. Osseotouch’s collaboration and innovation with its network of certified partners  are constantly producing new ideas.


Applications of Magnetic
Dynamic Technology
Chirurgia Guidata

Magnetic Dynamic Technology is easily integrated into guided surgery procedures providing superior control without irrigation or overheating the tissue.

Rialzo del Seno Mascellare Magnetic Mallet
Rialzo del Seno Mascellare Magnetic Mallet
Rialzo del Seno Mascellare Magnetic Mallet
Rialzo del Seno Mascellare Magnetic Mallet

A crestal approach that is simple for the operator and safe and comfortable for the patient, the same technique is applicable for both large and mini sinus lifts. The constant and predictable increase of each pulse by one millimeter is intuitive and fast with no overheating.

The simple and safe crown remover handpiece transfers its force directly on the crown controlling the removal process with precision.

Magnetic Mallet

Split crest technique is performed in a simple, progressive and automatic way. With a sequence of precision instruments, severe horizontal defects can be resolved.

See a clinical case of horizontal expansion


Practical and intuitive thanks to the use of dedicated, sequential osteotomes, it provides the optimum density for immediate placement of implants, even in difficult situations. Without the need for any type of irrigation or generating heat, the osteotomes are effective for both the upper and lower mandibles.

See a clinical case of osseodensification


Sure to help in every implant preparation procedure, the drill is replaced, improving visibility while avoiding the heat and irrigation required by the drill. It is especially valuable in immediate placement where residual bone is conserved and the implant can be precisely oriented.

See a clinical case of implant site preparation

Pin FIxation System
Pin FIxation System
Pin FIxation System

During GBR procedures, placing grids or membranes with the help of a dedicated kit and managing the  position of surgical pins is safe, fast and easy.

See a clinical case of pin fixation system

Estrazione Magnetic Mallet
Estrazione Magnetic Mallet
Estrazione Magnetic Mallet
Estrazione Magnetic Mallet

The Magnetic Dynamic technology allows you to manage even the most complex extractions without affecting the soft tissues and with zero subtraction. The geometries of the instruments have been designed to facilitate insertion between the root and the alveolus by mobilizing it in a completely atraumatic manner.

See a clinical case of extraction

The technology

The advantages of
Magnetic Dynamics


Dynamic Magnetic propulsion applies more force in a shorter impulse time than hand instruments resulting in more efficient operation.


The force is precisely focused on the treatment area limiting the dispersion of energy to the craniofacial mass increasing patient comfort and accuracy.


The ergonomics of the handpiece allows single handed use and facilitates precision positioning in the area to be treated. The longitudinal-only movement of the instruments eliminate the risk of deviation.


Without the need for irrigation, the visibility in the treatment area is significantly increased allowing the operator to better control the progressive penetration of the selected instrument.


For any procedure, from extraction to ridge split, the precision of the applied forces ensures predictability and Total Control during surgery.


Irrigation is not necessary since any mechanical friction created by the microsecond impulse is insufficient to increase the temperature of the bone.

Procedures without drilling and cutting

Bone is moved, reformed and condensed, never removed leaving soft tissue intact.


Multiple clinical functions with the same handpiece in combination with the optimum force for each procedure.

Surgical unit for all procedures


Harnessing the Magnetic Dynamic impulse in a panorama of clinical applications by modernizing procedures including sinus lift, osseodensification, ridge splits and more.
Magnetic Mallet
Easy Root
Surgical unit for extraction


The new standard for leading practices. With a kit of dedicated lever instruments this unit facilitates extractive surgery in daily use, making it more precise, faster and atraumatic.
Surgical unit for extraction


The new standard for leading practices. With a kit of dedicated lever instruments this unit facilitates extractive surgery in daily use, making it more precise, faster and atraumatic.
Easy Root

The most evident difference was the patient compliance, especially among those who had been previously treated, in other sites, with a traditional technique. They have significantly appreciated both the lower invasiveness of the used technique and the lesser discomfort caused by the hits delivered to the bone interface.
Prof. A. Baruffaldi
Studio Baruffaldi

I have been using the MM for 8 years now and it has immediately become one of the key elements in the surgery room outfitting. The instrument perfectly performs the function it was designed for, which is to make more acceptable for the patient…
Prof. G.B. Bruschi
Centro Specialistico Odontoiatrico

For the operator the advantages of using Magnetic Mallet, compared to traditional techniques, are: maximum respect of bone tissues, highest intra-surgery precision, best operating speed without any eating of the tissues and the possibility to position implants with a bone reduced volume.
Prof. R. Crespi
Studio Odontoiatrico Crespi

Very good initial stability of implant due to packing bone rather than removing the bone as with other systems. Automatic correction of buccal alveolar bone defects when preparing the site. This overcomes a major obstacle in esthetic implant surgery.
Dr. A. Celik

Magnetic Mallet is a totally innovative device for implantology which essentially changed our work and the way we’re selecting the clinical case. Before using Magnetic Mallet we used to carefully…
Dr. Arduini & Dr.ssa Zuccaro
Studio Associato Arduini e Zuccaro

I really like to use the Magnetic Mallet. This is a great tool that the chisel and the hammer high tech version. In the oral surgery operating room it became a standard equipment.
Dr. Gaspar Lajos
Gaspàr Medical Center

I found the Magnetic Mallet an incredibly useful addition to my armamentarium. I used the instrument mainly in the preparation of osteotomies in the posterior maxilla for indirect elevation…
United Kingdom
Dr. Kia Rezavandi
BDS, MSc (Lond), MRD RCS (Eng)
Specialist in Periodontics

I very rarely get impressed by different dental devices, but this piece of machinery is fantastic, especially for extractions, removal of cemented constructions, sinus lifts and implant side preps. I see it as “must-have” at your departments. This is just a strong recommendation to perform our work easier and more efficient.
Dr B. Friberg
Associate Professor at Brånemark Clinic

I find it a fantastic tool, easy to use, making any type of traditional surgery approach simple and repeatable.
Marco Buratti

A tool that I believe to be of great support to simplify surgery under different approaches, the more you use it, the more you can’t live without it. Highly recommended !!!
Claudio Calì

Easy to use, very versatile tool that makes some procedures such as extractions, implant preparations, mini lifts, etc. faster and more tolerable for the patient.
Giovanni Lagna

It is a tool that facilitates surgery, the extractions become simpler and less invasive, the preparations for the implants are very conservative …
Fausto Schenardi

Really useful tool in surgery

It has been in my possession for a month but now I use it every day.
Angelo Gramegna

The Magnetic Mallet is a tool that has radically changed my approach to oral surgery! I think that for those who work in this discipline it is absolutely essential.
Niccolò Scarozza

The best present for your patient! The biology behind this medical tool allows you to achieve extraordinary results in dental extractions, split crest and crystal sinus lift during implant procedures. I’m using it since 5 years and I love it.
Fabio Manuel Filannino

No heat generation!
Saves valuable time!
Atraumatic extractions!
No bone removed!
Charles Kee

This is an amazing tool. Revolutionary for implant dentistry. Possibilities are limitless.
Kayvon Javid

An irreplaceable equipment in a modern dental office.
Mauro Libertucci

I have had the “mallet” for several years, another string to my bow in oral surgery.
Michele De Giosa

I used the magnetic mallet last week in multiple situations such as to ridge split, prepare the entire osteotomy in D3-D4 bone, prepare the osteotomy in immediate implant (palatal entry on 7 and move the bone slightly buccal) and for extracting fractured root tips with ease. I saw a patient the following day who informed me that there was no BPPV/vertigo symptoms following the surgery. In combination with the peizo and versah osseodensification drills, the magnetic mallet is a very capable instrument in my toolkit. Dr. Munagala
Terp Lions

A truly revolutionary product, with maximum efficiency in dental surgery!
Dorin N. Gheorghe

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