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Discover our new instruments to be used with the Magnetic Mallet: osteotomy tools, expanders, forceps, sets and so many other new products!

Mini invasività Massima SoddisfazioneL'abbiamo inventata noi, gli italiani!

Combinare potenza e controllo permette di fare ciò che prima sembrava impossibile. La tecnologia magneto-dinamica è un brevetto del tutto italiano che rapidamente si sta affermando in tutto il mondo.
Tecnologia Magneto Dinamica Osseotouch


The Black Ruby allows to penetrate the bone much easier than traditional osteotomes thanks to the geometry of the tip: conical at the end and then parallel. This allows a huge benefit in implant site preparation and sinus lift. Black Ruby is treated with DLC (Osseotouch exclusive!), which reduces friction and heat production close to zero. Black Ruby is the top tier in technology, functionality, and design, the best osteotome in the world!







With FIRST, you can work on the cortical bone in a less invasive and more practical way. Finding an easy angle in the positioning of tilted implants is crucial. Thanks to the geometry of FIRST’s working-end, it is possible to get the right direction from the first impulse without resorting to rotating instruments, without removing bone tissue and without needing irrigation to avoid their overheating.

First - Magnetic Mallet

Here is how it allows you to expand and condense the bone tissue instead of removing it.


Diameter Ø 1,8 mm
First Osteotomo 1 - Osteotomi


First procedure on thin crest. Perfect with GENOA.
Genoa is the new set of cutting instruments to perform the first procedures on the thinnest crests with a completely new tip. Once the cortical bone is reached, it will be amazingly simple to make the first cut and then continue the expansion using other instruments for the split. GENOA allows the performance of the entire procedure without any bone tissue removal and with just one tool.


Upper jaw left
GENOA 1 Magnetic Mallet


Upper jaw right
GENOA 2 Magnetic Mallet


Lower maxilla
GENOA Magnetic Mallet
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