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September 5, 2022by Osseotouch

There are some people who believe that New Years’ Eve, the time of new beginnings and good resolutions, does not take place in January, but rather in September. The holidays are over, school begins and summer officially ends. But what is certain is that, starting from September, we at Osseotouch have decided to collaborate with the best Magnetic Dynamic technology experts, offering you something unique.

Each month we will illustrate a clinical case carried out with the Magnetic Dynamic technique by an expert of this technololgy, and we will show how to best perform the case by providing advice, tips and tricks, tutorials and insights to get to know all the features of this innovative technology.

This month, Dr. Carlo Cacciamani performed a case of crestal sinus lift and post-extraction implant placement using the Magnetic Mallet, in order to solve a problem of intercalated edentulous of elements 15, 16, and a 14 with painful chewing symptoms. The results? You just have to watch the full video of the clinical case to find out.


To learn more about other cases of sinus lift and post-extractive implant placement, the Magnetic Dynamic WhatsApp group is the right place for you: a place where you can share your clinical cases with other colleagues and improve your daily practice.

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