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Dynamic Technology

Intuitive and simple, yet a truly disruptive technology, the Innovative Magnetic Dynamic Technology provides you with Total Control.

Drill-Free Bone Modelling

Magnetic Dynamic Technology delivers minimally invasive treatment for successful oral surgery.
Make your surgery easier

Simplify every

The Magnetic Dynamic Technology’s pulses simplify and speed up surgery in a more predictable, reliable and safe way.

Kit Dynamic Guided

The world's only osteotomy guided surgery kit with cold osteodensification.
Clinical highlight

Crestal sinus lift with Elevate

1. The Clinical Case

In this crestal sinus lift case, Dr. Andrea De Maria rehabilitated an edentulous gap, preserving the bone and improving its quality by using Elevate kit. By combining the crestal sinus lift technique with the Magnetic Dynamic technology, Dr. De Maria achieves a smooth lift that fills the maxillary sinus well and supports rehabilitation.

2. The step by step procedure

In this tutorial, Dr. Andrea De Maria simulated the positioning of an implant with a diameter of 3.8 mm in a residual crest of 5 mm on an anatomical preparation, thus demonstrating the effectiveness and multiple functions of Elevate in crestal sinus lift procedures.

3. Insights and advice

In this interview, Dr. Andrea De Maria answered the most frequently asked questions on the case and tutorial he carried out. If you want to know why the Magnetic Mallet achieves a better biological response of the bone in crestal sinus lift techniques or why Elevate stoppers are essential in sinus lift procedures, you can’t miss this Q&A.

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"We are a team of professionals focused on the constant search for innovative technology solutions to revolutionize and simplify oral surgery. Our mission is to make interventions easier for the doctor and bring a new level of comfort for the professional and the patient with our magnetic dynamic patented technology".

Claudio De Giglio, Manuel Scali, Founders Osseotouch.
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Multiple Solutions

Versatility in oral surgery

Magnetic dynamic, a new technology
Drills-free Guided Surgery
It highlights the precision of the magnetic dynamic approach.
Implant site preparation
Zero bone removing. Zero heat generation. Zero Aeosol. Full precision.
Crown remover
Easy, fast, conservative and powerfull.
It betters the bone quality with a cold densification approach.
Sinus Lift
It allows crestal approach in every anatomy.
Horizontal expansion
Horizontal re-modelling even for the thinner crests.
Pin Fixation kit
A simple and fast way to insert surgical tacks.
The new standard for atraumatic extractions.
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Clinical Cases
Dr. Stefano Lombardo
Stefano Lombardo Dental Studio

This video shows a simple solution for a complicate anatomy thanks to the bone condensation.The bone modelling….
Dr. Fabio Perret
Dental Clinic Perret

Excellence in bone regeneration. This case shows an innovative approach using titanium membranes….
Dr. F. Marchesani
Clínica Marchesani

Implant placement that, thanks to the bone preparation with the Magnetic Mallet, achieves excellent primary stabilization.
Dr. J. Marcano
Orlando Center For Cosmetic Dentistry

This video shows how a magnetic – dynamic extraction is performed: controlled, conservative and fast.


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