Magnetic Mallet

Conceived and designed to combine power and control to achieve what previously seemed impossible. The Magnetic Mallet is revolutionizing oral surgery. This Italian invention with European and United States patented technology is rapidly gaining world-wide popularity.

The Magnetic Mallet is a device designed for oral surgery based on Magnetic Dynamic Technology. It has been designed and patented by Meta Ergonomica srl in Europe and in the United States and it is distributed exclusively by OSNRGY srl worldwide.

The device consists of a compact central unit with the reduced dimensions of traditional micro-motors with a single control knob for the selection of 4 available force settings and a handpiece.

The Magnetic Mallet’s Plus handpiece is now standard with the unit offering 30% more force than in the previous model making the Magnetic mallet more effective in all procedures that require greater force such as in the management of cortical bone or in the extraction of ankylosed teeth.

What are the main features of the

Magnetic Mallet?

Strength, control, visibility, predictability and the ability to manage bone tissue in a completely minimally invasive way: these features simplify the most complex situations and speed up procedures allowing you to operate safely without drilling or removing bone tissue.

Simple and intuitive
It is used with one hand, held like a pen, only requiring a short learning curve to realize its true potential.
Offers maximum control
It allows you to maintain maximum control during procedures due to the generation of forces which are always constant.
Generates zero heat
The impact generated by the Magnetic Mallet is so fast that the friction only generates a minimum amount of heat, eliminating the need for irrigation of the treatment area. This provides great benefits in terms of visibility and avoids the loss of biological factors fundamental for the osseointegration of implants due to irrigation.
Maximum strength in a very short time
The Magnetic Dynamic impulse generated in the handpiece energizes the instruments used by the operator with a force up to 10 times greater than would be imparted with manual devices with an almost zero impact time. Maximized force and minimized impact time minimizes shock wave formation.
Versatile and modular
For surgical procedures, the operator can select one of four strength levels which remain constant regardless of bone quality and with a constant instrument excursion of 1 mm.
Minimally Invasive
While the ability to compact, distract and shape bone tissue is maximized, any perception by the patient is minimized.
When is it convenient to use the

Magnetic Mallet?

The Magnetic Mallet is used for both routine surgical protocols as well as more advanced procedures where preserving bone allows significant simplification. Extractions, sinus lifts, split-crest, bone modeling and osseodensification are all simplified. With the crown removal handpiece it is also possible to remove cemented crowns and bridges with a speed and ease unthinkable compared to traditional methods.
Why has the Magnetic Mallet already been chosen by over 10.000 dentists Worldwide?

The Magnetic Mallet allows you to perform common procedures historically performed with traditional manual instrumentation in a much more intuitive and simplified way, eliminating bone loss, the generation of heat and increasing visibility in the treatment area.

Protocols, while very similar to the traditional are much easier to implement.

A very representative example is the extraction of an ankylosed tooth and immediate placement of an implant.

Many traditional oral implantation techniques are invasive and frequently require the loss of bone tissue which does not allow the immediate placement and load of implants.

With the Magnetic Mallet, the goal is to quickly mobilize the tooth and remove it without the loss of bone tissue, and with a rapid change of instrument, prepare the implant site.  This technique retains 100% of the native bone  by expanding, compacting and modeling the axis of the implant tunnel with the ability to correct it at any point in the procedure.

This means many more single visit surgeries which significantly reduces the economic and time costs associated with most cases.

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